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AIR Full Form is All India Radio . Since the year 1957, All India Radio has also been referred to by the name Akashvani, despite the fact that it is a government organisation. The All India Radio was first created on July 23, 1927, and at the time, it went by the name Indian broadcasting business. Then a representative from the Indian broadcasting business arrived. Radio station in India whose name literally translates to “All India Radio.”

All India Radio is a station that is owned by Prasar Bharati. AIR’s administrative offices can be found at the Akashvani Bhavan building, which can be found on Sansad Marg in New Delhi. It is the radio network that covers the most ground and has the most listeners of any other in the globe. Even though it is the most widespread platform for transmitting radio, various languages are transmitted, each of which represents a unique culture. The motto of All India Radio is, “Bahujanahitaya Bahujanasukhaya .”

All India Radio

The programming on All India Radio is presented in a total of 23 different languages and 179 distinct dialects. Despite this, the organisation was established in the first place for domestic reasons. But as of late, it has begun to expand its promotion of its programmes worldwide. Its primary objective is to disseminate the fascinating culture of India to the rest of the globe. At the moment, there are 420 AIR domestic stations that can be found across the territory of India.

These 420 stations are accessible to 99.19% of India’s total population and cover 92% of the total land area of the nation. The organisation was first established on July 23, 1927, and it was given the name Indian State Broadcasting Service (ISBS) at that time. However, in 1957, the organisation officially adopted the name “Akashvani,” which may be translated as “voice from the sky” or “celestial announcement.”The primary function of Akashvani in mythology is to illustrate God’s ability to divine the future. This moniker was first proposed by Rabindranath Ji Tagore to the All India Radio.

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AIR’s domestic operations and services

All India Radio provides a number of different services across India. All of these services are made available in a total of 23 distinct languages. These many services include:

Vividh Bharati

All India Radio’s Vividh Bharati programme is by far the most well-liked of all the services it offers throughout the nation. It is possible to interpret it literally as “Diverse Indian.”CBS, which stands for “commercial broadcasting service,” is another name for Vividh Bharati. The All India Radio began broadcasting the Vividh Bharati Service in the year 1957. Vividh Bharati is widely considered to be the best service in all of Mumbai. In the more contemporary cities of India, it transmits news, comedic sketches, musical performances, and dramas. Vividh Bharati controls its programming by broadcasting it on a variety of wavebands and FM frequencies. Among the most watched programmes now airing on CBS or Vividh Bharati are the following:

  • A comedy show that aired in the 1970s or 1980s and was known as “Santon ki mehfil.”
  • Hawa-mahal is a drama that has been adapted from a variety of books and well-known historical plays.
  • It is a music-based programme called Chhaya Geet, and the songs that are played on it are determined by the decision of the announcer.
  • Aaj Ke Sankar is a programme that inspires viewers by demonstrating the tenacity and dedication that go behind the achievements of every film artist.

CCU ( Central Control Unit )

All India Radio offers a commercial service under the name CCU, which stands for Central Sales Unit. The Central Control Unit (CCU) has its headquarters in Mumbai. You may also hear it referred to as a “Centralised Sales Unit.”All of the commercial services, such as STB and television networks, are under the purview of the Central Sales Unit.

Regional services of AIR ( AIR Full Form )

The Regional Deputy Directors-General headquarters is situated at different locations in India.

  • In northern region: Delhi and Chandigarh
  • In Northeast region: Guwahati
  • In Eastern region: Kolkata
  • In the Western part: Mumbai and Ahmedabad
  • In southern region: Chennai and Bangalore


AIR Full Form is All India Radio. The most widely listened-to radio station in India is known as All India Radio. The 18th of September is always designated as the day of its birthday. In the beginning, the primary purpose of All India Radio was to disseminate information on the Constituent Assembly. Recent events, however, have resulted in AIR becoming recognised as a national broadcaster. The All India Radio broadcasting headquarters may be found at the Mandi House in the city of Delhi.

It offers a variety of services like news, tales, humour, entertainment, educational content pertaining to cultural stories, and so on. In addition to this, AIR provides similar amenities to audiences in metropolitan areas via the use of its FM stations. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of free channels via DD Free Dish. Every day, a significant number of people in India tune in to AIR. Because travel in the AIR region is so quick, even those who live in heavily urbanised areas are able to take benefit of the amenities it offers.

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