SDPO Full Form

SDPO Full Form Sub Divisional Police Officer . It is In India, SDPO is a unique police rank. The name comes from Lord Raffles’ British Indian Police Act of 1861, which established police officers to carry out policing tasks in British India. It is a police level below that of Inspectors. This position has no … Read more

DRDO Full Form – Defence Research and Development Organisation

DRDO Full Form is Defence Research and Development Organisation, is the research and development arm of the Ministry of Defence. Its mission is to achieve autonomy in critical defence technologies and systems while at the same time providing our armed forces with cutting-edge weapon systems and equipment that is compliant with the requirements of all three … Read more

BPM Full Form

What is BPM Full Form ? Many CEOs and CFOs have pondered this subject at some time in their careers. The phrase “Business Process Management” (BPM) has been bandied around a lot recently. The abbreviation BPM may also refer to beats per minute. This article will define BPM and go through its many forms in … Read more

BMR Full Form – Basal Metabolic Rate

BMR Full Form is Basal Metabolic Rate . One of the most crucial ideas to grasp while trying to lose weight is that of the basal metabolic rate (BMR). Resting caloric expenditure is equal to your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This involves things like taking in oxygen and breaking down food. The greater your basal … Read more

IAS Full Form

IAS Full Form is Indian Administrative Service. It is one of India’s most renowned and challenging examinations. Every year, the Union Public Service Commission holds the IAS test to select and recruit qualified applicants for positions given by the Government of India. What exactly is the IAS Exam? The famous IAS Exam began in 1858 as the … Read more

EPC Full Form – Engineering,Procurement,and Implementation

EPC Full Form is Engineering, Procurement, and implementation, is a form of contract for the implementation of large-scale infrastructure initiatives by the private sector. An EPC Designing Organisation is a development industry in which a specific private company enters into a contract with a single EPC Worker (an organisation that undertakes an EPC project is … Read more