Top 10 Most Expensive Pens in the World


For most of us, a pen is a pen. A tool for writing the rare check, a thank you note or a way to fill out paperwork before a medical appointment. Most of us don’t think twice about our pen as long as ink is flowing out of it.

But many collectors and fans think of pens, especially luxury pens, differently. What makes a pen a luxury? In addition to superior craftsmanship and design, the ink in most luxury pens flows through a “nib,” which is the fine, pointed tip at the end.
And for truly special pens, collectors will pay top dollar. How much? Lakhs. Read on to know more about the 10 most expensive pens in the world.

1. The Fulgor Nocturnus — $8 Million

The Fulgore Nocturnus is considered the most expensive pen in the world and was sold for $8 million at a charity auction in Shanghai in 2010.

Made by Tibaldi, an Italian brand, the pen’s design follows the Golden Ratio, which is also used in architecture and art. , Forget the science and focus on the glitter.

The pen has 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies. It’s a good bet the owner displays this work of art and doesn’t tuck it away in a kitchen junk drawer to write a grocery list.

2. The Boheme Royal — $1.5 Million

The luxury pen is the Boheme Royal from Montblanc, with a barrel and cap made of 18-karat white gold and including the clip, inlaid with over 1,400 diamonds. Supermoney says it is the second most expensive pen in the world, costing $1.5 million.

3. The Aurora Diamante — $1.28 Million

The Aurora Diamante is one of the most exclusive pens in the world, reportedly only one is made per year. This Made in Italy pen features a solid platinum barrel inlaid with 30 carats of diamonds.
Buyers can personalize the pen with a signature, picture or family quote. The value of one diamante is estimated to be around $1.28 million.

4. The 1010 Diamonds Limited Edition Fountain Pen — $1 Million

From the Swiss manufacturer, Caron d’Ache, comes the 1010 Diamonds Limited Edition Fountain Pen. Over 850 diamonds set in brilliant, emerald and baguette cuts on an 18-karat white gold pen, designed as a tribute to the dial of the watch.

The cap resembles the teeth of a clock gear. The pen itself costs about $1 million, but Caron d’Ache has made a simpler version, called the 1010 Timekeeper, without the jewels, for about $10,300.

5. Heaven Gold — $1 Million

As reports, jewelry designer Anita Tan made only eight of the Heaven Gold pens, each valued at approximately $1 million.
His design was informed by Chinese numerology, and he decorated it with 1,888 diamonds because the number 8 is a symbol of luck.
The diamonds total approximately 48 carats. The pen features an additional 43-carat gem of tsavorite, a dark green stone native to Africa.

6. The Mystery Masterpiece — $730,000

This pen is the result of a joint effort by luxury pen manufacturer Montblanc and jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels. According to SuperMoney, both makers made only a few of the Mystery Masterpiece pens.
The pen was made from 30 carats of gemstones – either rubies, emeralds or sapphires – with diamond accents. Are Montblanc pens worth it? Only a few buyers who paid nearly $730,000 for the pen could answer that question.

7. Prince Rainier III Limited Edition 81 — $256,000

After the death of Prince Rainier in 2005, Montblanc designed the Prince Rainier III Limited Edition pen.
The pen had its world premiere at a charity event in Monte Carlo in 2007, and only 81 pens were made and sold for $256,000. This pen is made of 18-karat white gold with over eight carats of diamonds and rubies, designed to commemorate the life of Rainier III.

8. La Modernista Diamond Pen — $250,000

Swiss house Caron d’Ache made only eight of these pens, which were released in 2001 and are now worth more than $250,000, reports PensGuide.

The pen features over 3,000 diamonds that are spread over the platinum barrel of the handmade luxury pen.

9. Boheme Papillon — $198,000

Montblanc’s gold and gemstone Boheme Papillon pen costs $198,000. The company designed six different varieties that had different themes or color palettes.

Many of the more than 1,000 stones are diamonds.

10. The Perrier-Jouët Anniversary Edition — $135,000

A special champagne deserves a special pen, doesn’t it?

When French champagne maker Perrier-Joute celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2002, Italian maker OMAS made an anniversary pen that sold for approximately $135,000, reports PenGuide. The design includes engravings of flowers and a dark green background that reflects the origins of Perrier-Jouet as well as the color of its bottle.

Not everyone can afford to own one of these insanely expensive luxury pens, but luxury pen manufacturers offer more affordable versions of their products. You can own a Montblanc ballpoint pen for $270 or a Caron d’Ache model for around $25. Your pen won’t have nibs or diamonds, but at least you can own a pen from the world’s top manufacturers.

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