ASI Full Form – Assistant Sub Inspector


ASI Full Form is Assistant Sub Inspector . It is a well-known police job. The ASI has numerous tasks and plays a crucial part in maintaining society’s law and order. An ASI has certain tasks at a police station. To receive the position, you must pass an exam, just like any other government employment. And if you want to become an ASI and succeed in the test, keep reading to the end because we will go through the tasks of an ASI, the method for becoming an ASI, the exam format, curriculum, preparation techniques, and much more. So, finish reading the article.

Assistant Sun Inspector’s Responsibilities

It is critical to understand some of the duties of an ASI before becoming one.

  • An ASI’s job is to carry out directives from sub-inspectors or higher-ranking police officials.
  • The ASI is critical to preserving law and order.
  • ASI also oversees Police Outposts (also known as “phari”) and Investigation Centres.
  • They are also in charge of general administration.
  • ASI are mainly in charge of armouries at police stations and are Chief Drill officers in training institutions.

How can I become an ASI?

An exam is necessary in India, much like any other post in the police force. A person must pass an exam offered by the Staff Selection Commission to become an ASI. Let’s go through each section of the test.

Qualification for the ASI exam

There are various prerequisites for becoming an assistant sub inspector.

  • Candidates must be between the ages of 20 and 25, with a 5-year relaxation for SC/ST and a 3-year relaxation for OBC.
  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or equivalent is necessary, with a minimum of 50% grades.
  • Candidates must be Indian nationals.
  • Candidates must stand 170 cm tall and have a chest size of 80-85 cm.

Exam Pattern for Assistant Sub Inspector

The written exam consists of two exams, each totaling 200 points (100 marks).

Qualified applicants must additionally pass the written test with at least 55% and an interview in the Physical Endurance Test.

The SSC CPO Paper-1 is the initial step, followed by PET tests in stages 2 and 3.

The exam is an MCD-based exam that is given in both Hindi and English, with a quarter-point loss for each erroneous answer.

General understanding

Current events, culture, geography, general politics, the Indian constitution, and other subjects are addressed in general awareness.

Techniques for Preparation

  • Completely comprehend the test format
  • Make a list of all the concepts that will be tested.
  • Work on medical needs and exercise on a daily basis.
  • Every day, read the newspaper for current happenings.
  • Improve your communication abilities to do well in interviews.
  • Experiment with several numeric aptitude and thinking problems.


Because an ASI has a particular set of tasks and obligations to preserve law and order, it is a prominent job in the police force. To become an ASI, however, one must succeed in the Staff Service Commission’s test. To do well in the test, one must prepare as well as any other exam. So, you should have learnt all there is to know about assistant inspectors, including the exam format, eligibility, preparation strategies to ace the examination, curriculum, and mental and physical criteria, in this post.

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