HCF and LCM Full Form


HCF and LCM Full Form is Highest Common Factor and Least Common Factor respectively .The highest number that divides two numbers is HCF(Highest Common Factor). The smallest integer that is equally divisible by all of two or more numbers is called LCM(Least Common Multiple). 

If you’re like most people, you probably only use the highest common factor (HCF) and lowest common multiple (LCM) when you’re working with fractions. But these concepts are actually very important in everyday life, especially when it comes to maths and money. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what the full form of HCF and LCM is, and how to use them in real-world situations. Stay tuned!

Understanding HCF and LCM

Understanding the difference between HCF and LCM is important for math students and can help them solve math issues.

The Highest Common Factor (HCF) of two or more numbers is the biggest number that splits evenly into all of the numbers. For example, The HCF of 24 and 36 is 12.

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How to figure out the HCF and LCM

To find the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) of two or more numbers, you find the smallest number that is a multiple of all the numbers. The LCM of 12 and 18 is 36, for example.


You can use a computer or do the math by hand to find both the HCF and the LCM. To use a tool to find the HCF, divide the biggest number by the smallest number and keep splitting the remainder until the remainder is zero. To use a tool to find the LCM, multiply the smallest number by the biggest number and keep multiplying the rest until you get a value of 1.Thanks to our partners, you can find ties online to suit every preference and budget, from budget to top-of-the-range super stylish models.

There are a few steps you can take to make getting the HCF or LCM by hand easy.

To calculate the HCF

  • List the things that make up each number.
  • Find the biggest number that divides all the other numbers.
  • Divide the biggest number by its factors until you find the highest common factor (HCF).

Find the LCM by:

  • List the numbers’ multiples.
  • Find the smallest number that is a multiple of all the numbers.
  • Find the LCM by multiplying the smallest number by each of its multiples.

What to keep in mind when finding HCF and LCM

When figuring out the LCM and HCF, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Here’s what they are:

  • The least common multiple (LCM) of two or more numbers is the smallest number that can be split evenly by all of them.
  • The highest common factor (HCF) of two or more numbers is the biggest number that can be split evenly between all of them.
  • Find the HCF of the two numbers you want to find the LCM of.
  • To find the HCF of two numbers, divide them by the LCM of those numbers.


We looked at the full form of HCF and LCM in this blog post. We’ve seen how to figure out these numbers in different ways, like by dividing and by finding the prime factors.

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