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SSB Full Form is Service Selection Board. It is a candidate recruitment organisation for the Indian Armed Forces. This procedure takes five days to complete.

What is the Full Form of SSB?

SSB is an abbreviation for service selection board. Military duty is divided into three categories. The Indian Air Force, Indian Territorial Army, and Indian Navy are the three services. And the Service Selection Board is a five-day continuous selection procedure conducted by recruiting officials in the Indian Armed Forces. This occurs after the applicant has passed the appropriate admission examinations such as CDS, AFCAT, and so on.

The Service Selection Board is an organisation that evaluates candidates for service in the Indian Armed Forces. Every person must go through it. Using a uniform process, the board assesses the candidate’s mental and physical health. The process comprises of examining the candidate’s personality, psychology, physical fitness, and IQ for the position of officer. The board panel is primarily composed of a Psychologist, an Interviewing Officer, and a Group Tasks Officer.

Every day of the five days is a fresh challenge and task for the applicant. And the person who passes all of the stages with the requisite marks is chosen. Let us talk about the work and problems we face on a daily basis.

SSB Day 0

This is the service selection day’s reporting day. When the applicant arrives to the organisation, he or she must produce the necessary documentation, and the verification procedure begins. One of the officers informs the applicants on their five-day schedules and duties and familiarises them with the setting. After verification, pupils are issued their Chest Numbers for future identification, which they must retain intact.

SSB The first day (Stage I, Screening Process)

The true selecting procedure begins on Day. The screening process refers to this phase/stage. Candidates are summoned for the OIR exam in the morning on this day. The OIR exam is an MCQ-based reasoning test with roughly 50 questions from both verbal and nonverbal reasoning. Students are allotted 40-45 minutes to finish the questions. The rankings are assigned depending on their performance, with OIR I being the highest and OUT 5 being the lowest.

Following this, the PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test) procedure begins in the afternoon or evening. In this exam, applicants are given a black and white image for 30 seconds and then asked to analyse it and create a narrative about it in the following several minutes. Following the completion of the tale, applicants are separated into groups, and each group is given an officer.

Each applicant must then describe their narrative in front of the invigilator within one minute, and once everyone has recounted their story, everyone must have a group discussion and come up with a common story to narrate to the invigilator on behalf of everyone in the group.

The results of both exams are available. Those who passed with the requisite marks are screened in, while those who did not are screened out and sent home the same day.

SSB Day II (Stage II, Psychological Exam)

Candidates who have screened in are sent for a psychological exam on day II. TAT (Thematic Apperception exam), WAT (Word Association Test), SRT (Situation Reaction Test), and SDT (Self-Description Test) are the four components of this exam.

TAT is comparable to PPDT, however there is no debate here. Candidates are shown a clear visual for 30 seconds and then given four minutes to create a tale. There are 11 images shown, with the final image remaining blank. The applicant must compose his or her own tale for the final story.

WAT – The applicant is presented 60 distinct everyday words for 15 seconds each, and they must create a statement based on that term.

SRT – The applicant is handed a booklet containing 60 questions to which he or she must reply in the following 30 minutes.

SDT – The final exam requires a candidate to write a self-description of himself/herself. The exam consists of five questions.

SSB Day III and IV (Group Test, Stage II)

On days 3 and 4, a GTO office provides various tasks to applicants; these assignments are a mix of solo and group duties that a candidate must complete within the time limit. These are basic mental and physical duties. Following that, an Interviewing Officer conducts an Individual Interview based on the PIQ form supplied by the applicant on Day I and general knowledge questions.

SSB Day V (Conference, Stage II)

A panel of officers conducts a formal meeting with each applicant on the last day. This conference is a basic chat between officers and candidates in which the officers test/check the candidate’s confidence, honesty, expression, habits, and other life-based qualities. And offer them applicable scores depending on their performance, as well as recommend or not suggest the applicant.

Finally, the outcome is declared based on the candidate’s overall performance. Candidates who pass or are chosen are subsequently assigned to training facilities. And the remainder are commended for making it this far before being sent home.

SSB Full Form – Service Selection Board in Youtube

SSB Full Form – Service Selection Board


To summarise, SSB stands for Service Selection Board, and it is an organisation of the Indian Armed services that selects applicants for the three armed services’ wings. This selection procedure lasts five days and includes OIR exams, PPDT tests, psychology testing, physical and mental fitness tests, and an interview and conference with the officers. Candidates are chosen based on their overall performance.

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