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Hello friends, everyone knows that India has the presidency of G20 this year, which means all the summits and forums that will be held will be hosted by India among the top 20 countries of the world. The main summit here will be held on the ninth and tenth of September. At Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, where heads of state of the world will come i.e. President and Prime Minister. But a question might come to your mind here, what is G20 and why does the group exist? What is the purpose behind making this? Every year these countries keep meeting each other at different places.

Let us understand in today’s article.

what is the meaning of g20

Before understanding 20, we have to understand Zee Seven because Zee Seven was made before Zee 20. It is early 1970. The economic condition of his world was going very bad. Although there were many reasons behind this, but the biggest reason was the oil crisis of 1973. This crisis started when Arab countries once again banned oil. Stopped selling oil to those countries which were in support of Israel, mostly western countries. Like the western countries in America and Europe pay a lot of attention to the oil coming from the Middle East.

Used to bring and because of this huge economic reception was seen. Their governments decided. If we want to improve this economic situation then we need to take action together. To bring the economy back on track, we should sit together and make economic policies. Due to this some informal meetings take place. It was early 1973 when there was a meeting between the Finance Ministers of these countries in the White House of America.

The Finance Ministers of America, France, UK and West Germany meet each other. After 2 years, they also include Italy and Japan and it happens in 1975. This was the first official meeting of Paheli G Six. After this, in 1976, Canada also joins and this group of G Six becomes the group of G Seven. These countries were among the most developed countries of their time. Their economy was one of the top economies in the world. But apart from this there were many common things. Among them, there were liberal democrats in all these countries, who promoted values like human rights and individual freedom.

Politically, during the Cold War, all these countries were part of the Western Bloc, so ideologically you can say they are equal and economically they are off course. All of them were struggling with problems like oil crisis and reception, so this was their main objective. Sitting together and making economic strategies, Russia was also included in this group in 1998. G seven becomes G eight. But after Russia invested Crimea in 2014, Russia was thrown out of this group. It is for this reason that the group continues to exist even today. Now when G20 came, it also started the economic crisis.

That’s what happened. Sir, the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 was a severe financial crisis in the countries of South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand. I will not talk about the reason behind this. Will divert more from the topic. But this crisis was so big that it affected countries like Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines and to some extent China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. The value of currency started falling rapidly in these countries. Unemployment started increasing and riots were also seen in some countries.

Next year in 1998, financial crisis was also seen in Russia. This was the reason why Russia was included in the forest at this time. But other members of Zees Seven also highlighted that the world is becoming more interconnected with time. Globalization is being seen so much that if there is a problem in one country, it affects other countries also. Therefore, if we have to bring economic stability in the whole world and prevent heavy recessions from happening, then we need to take care of the emerging economies of the world.

If there are others, we will have to sit together and make action plans with them, so during the meeting of the Finance Ministers of G Seven on 26 September 19199, G20 Group is established.

In this group, these developed countries also include developing countries. But the question is, which countries should be kept in this G20 and which countries should not be kept? The first criterion is that those who are members of Jesus Seven will remain. After that it is seen which are the biggest countries of the world which have the biggest economy and are handling it. On this basis, China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Russia are included. Then it is seen which are the biggest powers regionally, because every region of the world has some representation.

It is necessary to have. From this region, Indonesia and South Korea in Asia, Brazil and Argentina from South America, Mexico from North America, Australia from the Oceania region, Saudi Arabia and Turkey from the Middle East region and the whole of Europe are represented in addition to the G7 countries in Europe. To do this, the European Union is considered for such a hold. So today there are 19 countries out of 20 and one is the European Union. Broadly speaking, you can say that these 20 countries are among the top 20 countries in the world. Look not only politically economically but also military wise and population wise. So now the interesting thing is why?

The real purpose behind forming Group 20 was to deal only with the financial crisis, so the meeting of this Group of 20 was held only between the Finance Minister of these countries and the Central Bank Governor. This continued to happen for many years, until the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, when these countries decided that we should hold meetings more seriously.

What is g 20 Summit 2023

The 18th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Group of 20 (G20) will be held in New Delhi, India in September 2023. Under the Indian chairmanship, the G20 in 2023 will focus on the theme ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’. The theme affirms the value of humans, animals, plants and microorganisms and their interconnectedness to planet Earth and the wider universe.

The Leaders’ Summit is the culmination of the G20 process and the work done throughout the year through ministerial meetings, working groups and engagement groups.

The Indian Presidency will also highlight Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE), with an emphasis on environmentally sustainable and responsible choices at both individual lifestyle and national development levels, with the aim of achieving a clean, green and blue future. The working groups will focus on the following tracks: agriculture, anti-corruption, culture, digital economy, disaster risk reduction, development, education, employment, environment and climate sustainability, energy transition, health, trade and investment, and tourism.

The G20 is expected to adopt a Leaders’ Declaration at the conclusion of the Summit setting out the leaders’ commitment to the priorities discussed and agreed upon during the Ministerial and Working Group meetings.

G-20 countries

The G20 is made up of 19 countries and the EU. The 19 countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, UK and. We. India holds the presidency of the G20 from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023.

G-20 – Logo & Theme

The G20 logo takes inspiration from the vibrant colors of the national flag of India – saffron, white and green and blue. It connects planet Earth to the national flower of India, the lotus, which represents growth amidst challenges. Prithvi reflects India’s pro-planet approach to life, which is in complete harmony with nature. Below the G20 logo is “India” written in Devanagari script.

The theme of India’s G20 presidency – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or “One Earth · One Family · One Future” – is taken from the ancient Sanskrit text of the Maha Upanishad. Essentially, the theme affirms the value of all life – human, animal, plant and microorganisms – and their interconnectedness within planet Earth and the wider universe.

This theme highlights LiFE (Lifestyle for the Environment) with concerned, environmentally sustainable and responsible choices at the individual lifestyle as well as national development level, thereby promoting transformative actions globally which The result is a cleaner, greener and bluer future.

The logo and theme together convey a powerful message of India’s G20 Presidency, striving for fair and equitable development for all in the world, as we move forward from these turbulent times in a sustainable, holistic, responsible and inclusive manner. They represent a uniquely Indian vision for our G20 Presidency of living in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.

For India, the G20 presidency also marks the beginning of the “Amrit Kaal”, a 25-year period starting from the 75th anniversary of its independence on 15 August 2022, leading up to the centenary of its independence as a futuristic, prosperous, inclusive and Developed society, distinguished by a human-centred approach at its core.

G 20 Countries List 2023 President Image

G 20 Countries List 2023 President

CountryLeaderLeader Designation
IndiaNarendra Modi (Host)Prime Minister
ArgentinaAlberto FernándezPresident
AustraliaAnthony AlbanesePrime Minister
BrazilLuiz Inácio Lula da SilvaPresident
CanadaJustin TrudeauPrime Minister
ChinaXi JinpingPresident
FranceEmmanuel MacronPresident
GermanyOlaf ScholzChancellor
IndonesiaJoko WidodoPresident
ItalyGiorgia MeloniPrime Minister
JapanFumio KishidaPrime Minister
MexicoAndrés Manuel López ObradorPresident
RussiaVladimir PutinPresident
Saudi ArabiaSalman bin Abdulaziz Al SaudKing
South AfricaCyril RamaphosaPresident
South KoreaYoon Suk-yeolPresident
TurkeyRecep Tayyip ErdoğanPresident
United KingdomRishi SunakPrime Minister
United StatesJoe BidenPresident
European UnionUrsula von der LeyenPresident of the European Commission
European CouncilCharles MichelPresident of the European Council
African UnionAzali AssoumaniChairperson of the African Union
G 20 Countries List 2023 President

G20 Countries List 2023

G20 Countries List 2023

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