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PT Full Form is Physical Training is a way to get in shape through physical activity. By working out, we can keep our bodies in good shape. Physical fitness means that your body is well enough that you can work out, do hard jobs, and play sports. Physical training is the process of getting in shape so that we can play sports well and do other physical tasks without getting tired. Not only can you get fit by working out, but you can also get fit by eating well. Without good nutrition, it is impossible to be physically fit. Also, after physical training and workouts, our bodies need to rest in order to relax.

So, exercise, eating well, and taking time to relax are all important parts of being physically fit.

The past of PT

People have been working out their bodies for a long time. In 10000 BC, people needed to kill animals for food and to stay alive. Athletes in Ancient Greece did a lot of physical training to get ready for the Olympic games in 1896. After that, many different kinds of physical sports were used to train troops of Kings.

How important PT is

  • To live a healthy life, everyone has the right to be in good shape. As we all know, after the COVID pandemic, new diseases come into our lives every day. To stay alive and fight off diseases, we need to make our bodies healthy. So exercise makes us less likely to get sick and also helps us fight diseases.
  • There are many diseases that can affect our bodies, and not everyone can pay for medical care in private hospitals. To avoid diseases and medical problems that are not necessary, a person must be physically fit.
  • We can live a better life and be healthier if we work out. When we sweat during activity, dirty parts of our bodies get washed out and our blood gets cleaned.
  • It also lowers the chance of many diseases, like heart disease, because it makes the heart work better. Fitness training also makes it less likely that you will have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high triglycerides.
  • When we work out, our muscles get in shape and look good, which makes us look good.
  • The chance of having a stroke, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and bowel and breast cancer is also lower.

How to do PT?

  • Physical training can be done by doing exercise in the gym and at home; by doing yoga asana, aerobics, dance, Zumba classes etc
  • There are various different poses of doing physical workouts for a different part of the body. Such as for legs, one can do squats
  • For biceps, one can do push-ups, and for endurance, one can do running
  • Various exercises include running, aerobics, weight training exercises, and yoga. Rock climbing and cycling can also be performed for physical training

Things that happen when you work out

There are many good things about working out, but there are also some bad things. If we do hard workouts all day without getting enough food and rest, our bodies start to weaken, and we feel tired all the time when we’re doing normal things.

When we play sports, we run the risk of getting hurt, which can range from bad to very bad. When pulling big weights, weight lifters can get cramps and break bones. Boxers can get broken noses and face injuries, and walkers can hurt their hamstrings.

Also, gym rats take a lot of steroids, which make them fit quickly but can lower a man’s libido and make him sterile in the long run.

In cricket, we’ve seen a lot of great players get hurt, even though they were very good. Many times, Sachin Tendulkar hurt his leg when he hit a long drive shot. So athletes are very likely to get hurt when they play sports.

No matter what sport they play, every great athlete has hurt themselves at least once.

A plan by the government to promote fitness and physical training

On August 29, 2019, Prime Minister Modi started the Fit India Movement as a government programme to support sports and health in India. It was an effort to get people interested in exercise and make it a big part of their lives.

The goal of this Movement was to get people to be more committed to changing their habits and get them excited about living a healthier, more physically active life.

Under this Initiative, Sports Minister Anurag Thakur also launched the Fit India Mobile App. Under this Movement, local governments can set up programmes like health education, fitness awareness, bike marches, and races to get their people to be more physically active.


Even if a person is very fit and physically busy, he still needs to talk to a doctor. Too much training without the right direction and medical care could hurt the person. So, people need inspiration, support, and feedback. For physical exercise, a person needs a good schedule and the willpower to stick to it. So working out not only makes us healthy, but it also makes us more focused.

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