TBC Full Form – To Be Confirmed


TBC Full Form is To Be Confirmed in the ICC cricket world cup, which means that the scorecard has yet to be validated by the ICC.

TBC also denotes that the scorecard was filed in the world cup after its submission date, which means that it was submitted before the world cup cricket began. As a result, TBC denotes the submission date (before) and the end date (after).

Definition of To Be Confirmed

TBC scorecards are those that have an anticipated score but have not yet been verified. After the event, outstanding scores will be removed from the scorecard.

The TCCI scorecard was first used in 2007, when India qualified for the ICC World Cup with a score of 266/6 at the conclusion of the last day against Bangladesh. It was later abbreviated as TBC.

The reason for this is because the date on which a scorecard was given to ICC by that side is not validated by ICC until the end date as stated above. This is further characterised by the fact that this score is still awaiting confirmation, making it an outstanding score that was submitted before the deadline.

Need for Confirmation

It will assist in determining whether the score card has been approved or rejected by the ICC. It also indicates if there is any uncertainty regarding the scorecard because it was submitted before the deadline or because it was submitted on the deadline itself, and if so, what its status is.

The fact that the World Cup is the largest event that puts cricket to its height is both entertaining and educational. It is only because of the term To Be Confirmed that we are continually curious about what will happen next.

Even if a team with a To Be Confirmed scorecard wins the World Cup, its war-like mentality in such a competition would be remembered for centuries.

The Importance of Being Confirmed in the ICC World Cup:

TBC scorecards have always been vital and have played a major role in world cup history. The fact that it was an excellent score that was still awaiting approval by the ICC despite being submitted before the world cup’s final date demonstrated its importance.

In the instance of Afghanistan vs. Australia 2007, the fact that their scorecard was not validated until after the finish date indicates that this team, like the circumstances in the World Cup, used a warlike attitude. It also demonstrates their aggressiveness towards other teams and their preparation to win it all. If it had not been filed, Afghanistan would have been champion for the first time in 2009 and forever after.


The TBC scorecard is one of the most significant things to view throughout the ICC World Cup. It determines the team’s position. As a result, it is critical to monitor the TBC scorecard to see how a team is performing and where they are during the world cup.

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